Impact Molding Mold design and tooling

Mold design and tooling

Collaboration on mold design

In-house expertise ensures quality right from the start

Impact Molding is uniquely positioned to provide in-house mold design and tooling expertise, application knowledge, and capabilities driven by detail-minded, common-sense problem-solving. We build custom injection molds and guide your products from design through production.

Internal mold design and manufacturing

For decades we have been a problem-solving resource for molding and tooling. We have learned that over 60 design and engineering factors can contribute to the cost-efficiency and performance of any part. All of these factors are addressed during our proprietary, in-house mold design process. The uniquely rigorous approach ensures that the part we supply is the most economical to produce—and that it will reliably perform in the marketplace.

  • Internal mold design and manufacturing
  • Rapid and reliable transfer tooling
  • P20 and aluminum prototype tooling to production tooling
  • Mold repairs, cleaning, machining, and grinding
  • Cores and cavity inserts
  • Moldflow and warpage analysis
  • Tolerances to +/-.0001″


  • Okuma and Howa CNC vertical machining centers
  • Haas VF-4 vertical machining centers
  • Bridgeport CNC milling machines
  • Mitsubishi EX-8 EDM (tank size: 26″x18″x10″)
  • Mitsubishi TV-500 graphite CNC mill
  • Mitsubishi MV-1200-S Wire EDM
  • Mitsubishi ED-2500M Hole Popper
  • Lathes
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