Impact Molding Integrated Materials

Integrated materials

Finished plastic parts

Integrated solutions including over molding and insert molding

Our molding and tooling experts are often called upon to meet multi-material performance and manufacturability objectives during the mold design stage. We are experienced in the design, prototyping, production, and supply of these more complex products for a range of applications—whether as parts, assemblies, or turnkey “captive” solutions.

Multi-material solutions

Integrated material capabilities include injection-molded plastics ranging from polystyrene to PEEK, along with a range of metals for inserts and over molding. Our capabilities readily and seamlessly integrate with the supply chain resources you work with as well as those available to us within the Thunderbird formation of companies, including injection-molded solutions that combine metal stamping, precision machining, and other component materials and production options.

  • Plastics ranging from polystyrene to PEEK
  • Shot size from .952 ounces to 167.8 ounces
  • Custom over molding of plastics onto metal
  • Wide range of metal types and processes
  • Unique layered and printed solutions
  • Parts, assemblies, and total-product solutions
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